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“I have always wanted to help make the world a better place but never knew how I would considering the physical and mental blocks I had. Then, a loved one referred me to Network Chiropractic, and this care completely transformed my life. The longer I have been in care the deeper and more invaluable the change. I have healed not only my PTSD, anxiety/depression, chronic illness, sinusitis, bronchitis, ovarian cysts, vertigo, numbness in my arm, limiting beliefs, and addictive patterns but also healed generational traumas that ripple through the past, present, and future. Because of this care, I am whole, happy, and filled with purpose. It is now clear that my mission is to help as many people get that which I have received.”

Lynsi’s History: The Evolution of the Practice

Lynsi was born in Riverside, California. She spent some time in Arcadia and Desert Hot Springs, CA before moving to Flagstaff AZ from age 13 to 23, where she was reunited with her loving mother Susan Garduno. During her adolescence in CA and Flagstaff, Lynsi was a National Debate Champion, a Chambers Choir member, a championship high school Dance Team member, and a Snowboarder.

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She met her first husband who she is forever grateful to have met and is now her dearest friend while studying Psychology & Business at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. They moved to Phoenix in 2016 searching for opportunity and warmth. Once they arrived her first husband was referred to a chiropractor for his chronic back pain from scoliosis which was exacerbated while finishing college. His turnaround was unbelievable, so he referred Lynsi to this extraordinary chiropractic office and her whole life changed as well. She soon sought greater involvement and was offered a job at Soloman Chiropractic. After working for Dr. Michael Soloman to achieve his mission of making the world a better place one spine at a time, Lynsi’s life couldn't get better. He taught her so much about taking care of others, herself, and how to live! She was helping people, growing, engaged to be married and had just bought her first home.

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Suddenly, Lynsi received notice from a family member that her estranged father had lung cancer. He passed only 21 days after his diagnosis, and only a few months later her grandmother passed away as well. Lynsi soon learned that her father’s mother was leaving a substantial inheritance to the immediate family, to which she was shocked to learn- was her. Then, even more suddenly, Dr. Mike was taken from all of us due to a massive heart attack. Still in the wake of mourning her recent familial losses, Lynsi lost the most significant and influential father figure she’d ever had as an adult. She immediately went back to work and recruited substitute associates to ensure every practice member was still receiving the care that they needed.

Lynsi and Dr. Mike

Lynsi placed and add for a Network Chiropractor, Dr. Alan Frandsen, DC, who had not yet found a practice to settle in. The moment Dr. Mike’s wife Connie put the practice up for sale, Lynsi unexpectedly received her family inheritance almost a year and a half earlier than anticipated. Rather than succumbing to her Millennial instincts and spending it all on lattes and avocado toast she turned the most tragic cascade of events in her life into an opportunity to honor Dr. Mike and everything he has taught. She saw the hardship as a message to transform; she purchased the practice and, with the help of Dr. Alan, has been preserving Dr. Mike’s legacy ever since. Lynsi is currently a trainee in Somato Respiratory Integration & AlchemE with Donny Epstein & Anastacia Metcalf

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Lynsi is currently a Somato Respiratory Integration Facilitator & a trainee in AlchemE 2020 with Donny Epstein & Anastacia Metcalf.

Lynsi is currently a trainee in Somato Respiratory Integration & AlchemE with Donny Epstein & Anastacia Metcalf.